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July 15, 29

July 16, 23, 30

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Sunday: July 29
Monday: Aug. 13

Sunday, July 22


Rose and Jules Shapiro G'Mach Society

G'mach is an acronym for gemulit chasadim, or acts of loving kindness. Beth Sholom's G'Mach group has been in existence since 1886, when the Jewish congregation donated a Torah pointer to the New York Jewish Museum Society. In 1999 the congregation, in honor and in memory of a couple who gave so generously during their lifetimes, renamed the group the Rose and Jules Shapiro G'Mach Society.

Supported by contributions from congregation members, the committee members reach out to individuals and families in need as well as families celebrating simchas. Some of the committee functions include providing support for

  • Hospitalized or ill congregants
  • Home-bound congregants
  • Families who have experienced a death
  • New members
  • New converts to Judaism
  • A new birth, engagement or marriage

Congregants in need of support from G'Mach, or for information on how to volunteer or donate, call the Beth Sholom office at 301-663-3437.

One of the most special things about Beth Sholom is its strength as a caring, supportive community. The tradition of loving kindness is integral to Judaism, and participating in any way is a mitzvah. Congregants reach out to those in need and Rabbi Hersh is always available to provide wise counsel and guidance.