Book Club Meeting

Everyone is welcome to join us on November 3rd at 1:00 pm, to discuss “A Backpack, A Bear and 8 Crates of Vodka”, by Lev Gonlinkin. The book is a memoir of the author’s life. It is a compelling story of two interwoven journeys. A Jewish refugee family fleeing persecution from Soviet Ukraine’s, and a young man seeking to reclaim a shattered past.      

In 1989, the author’s family was part of the largest immigration from Russia, when the United States decided to close its border. The author tells the story from his childhood in Ukraine through refugee camps in Europe. His family settles in the United States. It is only as an adult, participating in refugee programs in the United States and Mexico, that he wants to understand his past. 

The book is both hilarious and heartbreaking. The author's memoir proves to be a timely addition to the current crisis the world is facing with regard to refugee status. Come and join us in a lively discussion.              

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