Guest Speaker

Kate Cullen-Kranitz of CALM, the Community Problem Solving Program of Frederick County, a program of the National Center for Mediation Education, Inc.

Mediation: How It Works And How You Can Get Involved

Did you know that mediation can be an effective, and often less expensive, alternative to court for everything from divorce to eldercare issues to disputes between neighbors and more?

Mediation is the act of working to resolve a dispute between two parties with the help of a third impartial person. Judaism has somthing to say about mediation. The Book of Zecharia offers this verse: "These are the things that you should do: speak the truth with one another; and in your gates, judge with truth, justice and peace." In the Mishna, Rabban Simeon Ben Gamliel offers this well-known passage as a commentary on Zecharia: "On three things does the world stand: on justice, on truth and on peace." This commentary offers support for the notion that not all disputes need to be resolved in a court, but instead can be resolved simply between the people involved: by speaking the truth about the matter to each other, which leads to resolution (another way of obtaining justice), and, eventually, to peace between the two parties.

Kate Cullen-Kranitz is a local mediator who is helping to re-energize CALM, the former Frederick County Community Mediation Center, which closed in 2017. Kate will discuss the new CALM and all it has to offer to the Frederick community in terms of various problem-solving approaches and workshops.

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